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We are currently using SQL Anywhere v12 as our consolidated server and utilizing Mobilink for a laptop deployment using a local database/client (SQL Anywhere). We are looking to do some development for both Android and ios devices in the very near future in which we would like to utilize a local database on the phones and sync back to our MobiLink server as needed.

Can anyone provide some guidance about what type of licensing we would need for this type of scenario? I would assume we would need to use Ultralite?

Thanks, Brian

asked 02 Dec '15, 15:46

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Yes, you use UltraLite on Android and iOS.

(02 Dec '15, 22:36) Tim McClements

For your iOS and Android development, what development tools are you using? We've developed cross-platform iOS and Android mobile apps using Xamarin (, which enables us to code the app in C# for all platforms and share 70-100% of the code across platforms (depending on app design).

To support this, we've created a Xamarin binding library for Mobilink on Android, which I'd be happy to share with you.

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answered 03 Dec '15, 10:56

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We would be looking at Xamarin for this development. My remaining question is what is the cost to deploy an Ultralite local database to each phone? What licensing do I need?

(03 Dec '15, 11:29) bgreiman

My understanding from our customer is that it was £100 per device - but this information may be quite out of date.

(04 Dec '15, 03:15) JamesLavery
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Hi James (@jameslavery). I'd be very much interested in seeing how your binding library works. I've followed your blog post on it, but it's not quite working for me on the latest version of Xamarin for VS 2014. Would you be able to email me a working copy of the bindings with an app that reads from an Ultralite DB please?

(24 May '16, 12:27) Mike Killey

Dear James, we also are starting to develop a new multiplatform (IOS & Android) app with xamarin. We would like to use an ultralite v17 db client with mobilink connection to sync client & servers...

Is it possible to have a simple working example of the xamarin app, or some lineguides on where to find how to do it?

Thanks in advance.


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answered 15 Feb '16, 05:11

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