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Assumption 1: The three most important reasons sp_property_history() was introduced in SQL Anywhere 17 are efficiency, efficiency and efficiency.

Assumption 2: Calling sp_property_history() with a non-null min_ticks parameter value (first SELECT below) is a lot more efficient than calling it with a WHERE clause (second SELECT).

Question: How do I get the min_ticks parameter to return anything?

SELECT * FROM sp_property_history ( 'ActiveReq', 30460000 );

-- no rows

SELECT * FROM sp_property_history ( 'ActiveReq', NULL ) WHERE ticks >= 30460000;

'ActiveReq',30460700,'2015-11-22 16:55:26.028-05:00',990,0.0,0.0
'ActiveReq',30461700,'2015-11-22 16:55:27.028-05:00',1000,0.0,0.0
'ActiveReq',30462700,'2015-11-22 16:55:28.028-05:00',1000,0.0,0.0
'ActiveReq',30463710,'2015-11-22 16:55:29.038-05:00',1010,0.0,0.0
'ActiveReq',30464710,'2015-11-22 16:55:30.038-05:00',1000,0.0,0.0
'ActiveReq',30465710,'2015-11-22 16:55:31.038-05:00',1000,0.0,0.0
'ActiveReq',30466710,'2015-11-22 16:55:32.038-05:00',1000,0.0,0.0
'ActiveReq',30467710,'2015-11-22 16:55:33.038-05:00',1000,0.0,0.0
'ActiveReq',30468710,'2015-11-22 16:55:34.038-05:00',1000,0.0,0.0
'ActiveReq',30469700,'2015-11-22 16:55:35.028-05:00',990,0.0,0.0
'ActiveReq',30470700,'2015-11-22 16:55:36.028-05:00',1000,0.0,0.0
'ActiveReq',30471700,'2015-11-22 16:55:37.028-05:00',1000,0.0,0.0
'ActiveReq',30472720,'2015-11-22 16:55:38.048-05:00',1020,0.0,0.0
'ActiveReq',30473710,'2015-11-22 16:55:39.038-05:00',990,0.0,0.0
'ActiveReq',30474710,'2015-11-22 16:55:40.038-05:00',1000,0.0,0.0
'ActiveReq',30475710,'2015-11-22 16:55:41.038-05:00',1000,0.0,0.0
'ActiveReq',30476710,'2015-11-22 16:55:42.038-05:00',1000,0.0,0.0
'ActiveReq',30477710,'2015-11-22 16:55:43.038-05:00',1000,0.0,0.0
'ActiveReq',30478710,'2015-11-22 16:55:44.038-05:00',1000,0.0,0.0
'ActiveReq',30479700,'2015-11-22 16:55:45.028-05:00',990,0.0,0.0

asked 22 Nov '15, 17:02

Breck%20Carter's gravatar image

Breck Carter
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Hmmm, that should work. I've confirmed that it doesn't. :-( ... we're looking into it.

(23 Nov '15, 09:52) Mark Culp
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Are my assumptions correct? If not, I may have a sackload more questions :)

(23 Nov '15, 09:58) Breck Carter

Yes, your assumptions are correct. The basic idea is that the user can define the set of properties that are to be monitored and then forget it knowing that there will be minimal performance effect on the server. If a problem ever occurs then sp_property_history() can be used to look at what happened in the past.

(23 Nov '15, 10:14) Mark Culp

Yes, this is a bug. FWIW, it should only affect Windows. It will be fixed in build 1339. Meanwhile, you may have luck with the following query:

SELECT * FROM sp_property_history ( 'ActiveReq', 30460000/10 );
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answered 23 Nov '15, 13:03

Phil%20Mitchell's gravatar image

Phil Mitchell
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edited 23 Nov '15, 13:30

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