In the past sybase had a page where an overview of all SQL Anywhere versions were given with the corresponding end of life dates and possible end of life dates for the running versions.

Does such a similar page exist in SAP SQl Anywhere somewhere?



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Here you are:

SAP SQL Anywhere Supported Platforms and Engineering Support Status

FWIW: This page and related topics are also accessable via these DocCommentXchange overviews:

AFAIK, for v12.0.1 and older versions the links within DCX still refer to vanished Sybase pages but the according platform status information does refer to all versions.

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FWIW the page you linked has been updated to contain eol dates for all versions (at the end of the page)

SQL Anywhere Version
    End of Mainstream Maintenance
17.x    August 30, 2022
16.x    December 31, 2018
12.x    December 31, 2016
11.x    May 31, 2014
10.x    January 25, 2012
9.x January 31, 2010

(08 Aug '16, 09:46) Reimer Pods

A somewhat related question:

Using ( EOL 12/31/2018 ), I see dbinit now says "the Evaluation Period has Expired", so I can't create a new db

Same with Sybase Central

Is this possible ? it was a "Trial" Version, in 2014, but we since have purchased licenses

Any help appreicated !


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answered 09 Nov, 12:48

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Gregory Durniak
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I'd re-post this as a new question. However - when you got your licences you will have been given a key. Use this with dblic.exe to license your engine - dbeng16 or dbsrv16. If you still have problems ask a new question on the forum explaining the error messages or whatever you get.

Good luck

(09 Nov, 14:38) Justin Willey
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