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We have a packingstation with a weight (Windows-based touchscreen) which sends data to a SQL Anywhere 12 database. From time to time the users complain that the process of storing data is slow, and it halts the production. The actual insert-statment is executed in a stored procedure which is called in our software on the weight. The weight and the database is in separate networks (different subnets), but on the same physical network. This is unfortunately how the IT-department wants it.

Is there any tool, command or similar available to measure how much time the server uses to complete the task. That being to measure the time it takes from the call to the stored procedure is sent from our software until the row is stored in the database. We would like to prove (hopefully) that our software is not the problem, so the IT-department at our customers location can look into their infrastructure instead.


Bjarne Anker Maritech Systems As Norway

asked 30 Sep '15, 09:18

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Bjarne Anker
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No answer - but here's a FAQ dealing with several ways to test a "round trip", so that may or may not be of some help:

What is the quickest statement?

That being said, wouldn't it help to add some logging of the timings of your code around the stored procedure call - or to log on the server side when the procedure gets called and when it does finish the operation? (I'd think something like request level logging would be over-sized (unless you can limit it to the call of that particular procedure) and might slow down the real traffic significantly but you could give that a try, as well.)

(30 Sep '15, 15:38) Volker Barth

I'm sure I remember a Sybase command line utility that allowed you to get very detailed execution times for a statement - it gave a full breakdown of all the individual elements of preparing, executing, returning data etc. I can't remember what it was called - but maybe someone else will.

(09 Oct '15, 12:26) Justin Willey
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Do you think of the FETCHTST utility and its variants?

(11 Oct '15, 07:11) Volker Barth

That's the one.

(13 Oct '15, 07:28) Justin Willey
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