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BCrypt implements strong Blowfish password hashing. I need BCrypt password hashing function to use directly inside SQL Anywhere 12 database. I know such function is not built-in, but can we create it on our own?

I ask because I have found similar solution with MS-SQL Server: - can we do the same within SQL Anywhere 12 to make BCrypt available?

asked 13 Sep '15, 07:10

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The blog post you reference talks about calling a C# DLL via SQL Server's .Net CLR external function interface.

You can do the same thing in SQL Anywhere 12 using the CLR external environment.

You can also use Java, Perl and PHP external environments with SQL Anywhere 12, and there is an "old school" external call interface for C/C++ DLLs.

Terminology Tip:

  • external call interface = fast, lean, difficult and very dangerous
  • external environment = slow, fat, easy and safe.

alt text

For a glimpse of what makes the external call interface different from external environments, see this blog post.

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answered 13 Sep '15, 07:41

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