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I'm a contributor to the Doctrine 2 project. We provide one of the most popular free and open source ORM and DBAL libraries for PHP.

We currently unit test the library using Travis-CI, so when we commit code or open PRs on Github, it automatically runs unit tests against MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and MariaDB.

We support usage of the library with SQL Anywhere, but we currently have no automated unit testing in place for it. We would like to be able to unit test a greater variety of platforms, but have no financial resources in place to facilitate this.

I was wondering if SAP would be interested in contributing a software licensing solution that will enable us to unit test our library against SQL Anywhere. We would prefer to test on Travis-CI, but I am not sure how we could make the licensing work in a secure way on that platform. Any assistance with this will be greatly appreciated, and will be of mutual benefit.

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You can download a free developer version of SQL Anywhere that can be used for testing in your development environment. (i.e. it cannot be used in production)

Go here and enter your information and then download the s/w. You will be sent a license key by email.


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