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I need to download UN Blacklist XML file periodically. Is there any way to automate this using sql ONLY?

asked 28 Dec '09, 05:37

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edited 28 Dec '09, 08:05

The following function will return XML as a string:

CREATE FUNCTION "DBA"."UNBlacklist"() returns long varchar url '' type 'HTTP:GET' ;

To extract stuff from it, use select ... from OpenXML().

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answered 28 Dec '09, 10:28

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@Dmitri, thank you. Any comment on the usage of the "proxy" keyword? Is it possible to pass the network username/password authentication?

(28 Dec '09, 10:46) Kumar

Never tried it before, but adding

proxy ''

seems to work. For the authentication, try adding user:password before the URL, e.g.:

CREATE FUNCTION "DBA"."UNBlacklist"() returns long varchar url '' type 'HTTP:GET' proxy 'http://proxyserver:proxyport' ;

(28 Dec '09, 11:31) Dmitri

On a second thought, 1) How to pass website authentication info? 2) How to pass network proxy authentication info?

I think the following format will work, e.g: CREATE FUNCTION "DBA"."UNBlacklist"() returns long varchar url '' type 'HTTP:GET' proxy 'networkuser:networkpwd@proxyserver:proxyport';

I dont know whether this will work. No need of this in the sample case above. I will try to download something which requires a web-login.

(28 Dec '09, 12:16) Kumar

Just as a quick start:

You should be able to download any web document with SA's web client procedures/functions.

I haven't done that myself so I can't give exact advice but you may have a look at the topics "SQL Anywhere web services" and "Web service clients", e.g. the following topic.

Some ideas:

  • You could code the URI in a web client function
  • The function could return the according XML document
  • Or you could use SA's XML support to extract the needed information from the document directly
  • Calling the web client function regularly could be done be an event or the like.

Just my thoughts

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answered 28 Dec '09, 08:58

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Volker Barth
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@Kumar: In addition to what Volker said, Eric Farrar might be able to help... he's the Go To Guy for a lot of SQL Anywhere topics including everything web-related. His blog is at ...alas, I am having a senior moment, can't find the perfect link for your needs.

(28 Dec '09, 10:11) Breck Carter

@Kumar: Another resource is Deanne Chance who has written some articles on the subject for (yuk) See "Consuming Amazon Web Services Using PowerBuilder and SQL Anywhere 10.0.1" (PowerBuilder only plays a small part) at

(28 Dec '09, 10:23) Breck Carter
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