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It looks like we can't buy SQL Anywhere 16 anymore. Now, website lists SQL Anywhere 17 Workgroup as 1 chip license. Does that mean 1 processor or 1 core? Again, chatting with tech support was useless as they just kept asking for my contact information to redirect me to an "account team".

asked 21 Aug '15, 15:04

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Thanks again for replying. We are upgrading from version 9 so we have no account with SAP. I have already downloaded the Developer edition, tested it and now we want to purchase retail version with a license. SQL Anywhere 16 would work just fine for us but we were unable to locate US-based reseller.

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answered 21 Aug '15, 20:45

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Try calling one of the numbers on this page... it's for "non-technical support" which (I assume) includes "paying for software"... and the numbers are supposed to work 24 x 7 x 365.

Actually, you have the software, you will just be paying for a registration key, and the all-important "s-userid" which will enable you to get the latest EBF for Version 16 (the Developer Edition you downloaded is probably build 2043 which is recent, and the latest Windows EBF is build 2158)

(21 Aug '15, 21:39) Breck Carter

We need SQL Anywhere to run our business applications 24/7. I need to buy a fully licensed product that is going to be installed on our production servers. Installing Developer Edition is not an option here. How will I be able to buy license key later if I was unable to find anybody that still sells v16 and an authorized SAP sales rep still has outdated product price list that doesn't include v17?

(24 Aug '15, 09:00) drabina
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Sorry - I was away last week so just saw this now. They're in the process of sorting out the issues on SAP Store. In the meantime, have you looked at a distributor - eg. CDW? That might be an option as well since they sell SQL Anywhere.
Regards, Mike

(01 Sep '15, 16:05) Mike Paola

Not sure what's preventing you from buying v16 as it's still available. SQL Anywhere v17 has switched to core licensing - but I'm not sure if that's setup yet on SAP Store as they still show the chip-based licensing from previous releases. I will reach out to my SAP Store contacts to make sure they are updating the information on the SAP store to reflect the new v17 core-based pricing.
Regards, Mike

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answered 21 Aug '15, 15:43

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Mike Paola
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Thanks for replying Mike. Where can I still buy SQL Anywhere 16? lists 17 only, CDW doesn't list any version information on their website and our SAP sales person needs to research the current pricing and licensing for the version 17. So we are kinda stuck without being able to purchase the product.

(21 Aug '15, 15:48) drabina
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Hi - have you bought any versions of SQL Anywhere in the last couple of years? If so, you would have access to the software on SAP Service Marketplace and all versions that are still in mainstream maintenance are up there - v12, v16, and v17. I've reached out to my contacts at the SAP Store to try and sort out what's going on with the versions of the SQL Anywhere software that are available on their store. Since I'm away next week, I have a member of the PM team following up with them to try and sort it out. In the meantime, if you just need access to try v17 out, you can download the free Developer Edition by registering here: Once we can sort out the official purchase, you can then apply the license key you get (for that purchased version) to the Developer Edition you installed so that you don't have to uninstall and reinstall the software. It's done using the dblic utility. Hope that helps. Regards, Mike

(21 Aug '15, 16:34) Mike Paola

I should have mentioned that you can also still get the v16 Developer Edition here:

(21 Aug '15, 16:48) Mike Paola
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