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Hi - I am a complete newbie here, so patience always appreciated... I need to develop a web-based product with a db that allows db sync versus replication. So there will be a cloud-based (whole) db with many partial db nodes that may or may not be online all the time, but need to be (two-way) sync'ed when connected. SQL AnyWhere seems to own this space.

My question is around front-end frameworks and tools. Is there an existing product comparable to say, the Sitefinity CMS (or similar) as a starting point, that exists on top of SQL AnyWhere, or are most UI/front-ends built from square 1?

Thanks in advance.

asked 11 Aug '15, 15:04

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Welcome to SQL Anywhere!

As far as I can tell Sitefinity publicly supports SQLEXPRESS and Microsoft SQL Server (because the migration from one to the other is discussed here).

If that kind of migration is "easy" (nothing is ever really easy, but never mind) then there shouldn't be any reason why Sitefinity could not use SQL Anywhere. FWIW SQL Anywhere offers a high degree of Transact SQL compatibility... I'm not recommending the use of Transact SQL syntax, just offering this point as evidence of how SQL Anywhere is a perfectly good substitute for SQL Server (and much more flexible and powerful at the SQL syntax level).

Yes, SQL Anywhere owns the relational database synchronization market with MobiLink, which comes in-the-box (and is included in the Developer Edition).

So, even though you might be an Early Adopter (the First Adopter?) for Sitefinity-on-SQL-Anywhere, there's no reason you shouldn't try a proof-of-concept. If you have any questions, ask them here... we might not have a clue about Sitefinity but "not having a clue" is not an impediment :)

You've found this forum, there's another forum here, the Help is here, a blog is here and I can be reached at breck dot carter at gmail.

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answered 12 Aug '15, 07:39

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Breck Carter
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Thanks for the help - much appreciated. Yes, Sitefinity currently supports MS SQL Server, mysql and Oracle. I had not found the migration link you posted - will check it out. Tackling the job of swapping in another db is a bit daunting, but obviously doable.

My end goal is to build a collaborative multi-language website with SQL AnyWhere driving it, usable on every device possible. I just don't want to have to build all the controls, editors, and the back-end page-building & user management system from scratch - which is where a CMS comes in.

Thanks again - I'll check out the links you sent.

(12 Aug '15, 13:28) philb316
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