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In the course of a project to improve some of our documentation I was interested to come across the Remarks column in the SYS.SYSPROCPARM system view. I checked the syntax of COMMENT and as I had remembered, parameters of procedures aren't mentioned. My disappointment was complete (a sad reflection on my aspirations these days) when I looked at the view definition and saw

cast(null as long varchar) as remarks
I presume it is there for compatibility reasons or as an idea for a future enhancement. Perhaps this idea and or compatibility requirement could assume a more tangible form in a later version?

asked 06 Aug '15, 14:53

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Justin Willey
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It existed in the real SYSPROCPARM table up to V9 but I don't think there was any way to use COMMENT ON to populate it.

It was dropped from the real ISYSPROCPARM table and the SYSPROCPARM view in V10 as part of The Great Leap Forward In System Table Design.

It was restored to the SYSPROCPARM view in V12 as described in the V12 and V16 docs...

remarks LONG VARCHAR Always returns NULL. Provided to allow the use of previous versions of ODBC drivers with newer personal database servers.

What are the chances of it being implemented? Wait here, it'll be along soon... :)

alt text

permanent link

answered 06 Aug '15, 15:42

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Breck Carter
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