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Caveat: We are lucky to have this forum. We can cope with quirks. If you want to see real bugs, try SCN.

If you get carried away making revisions (edit - save - edit - save - edit - save), doublecheck that this forum's software hasn't silently abandoned changes along the way.

The best way is to close the page, and then reopen it.

For example, in Product Enhancement Request: Make DCX faster the edit history shows that a link was deleted... a change that was never made:

much faster than DCX. DCX.

I have not fixed that error so y'all could see it.

A different but nonetheless strange behavior is that a change you made may not be shown when you do a save; to see the change you have to close the page and reopen it:

For example, after making and saving this change it incorrectly displayed as "HTNL" until the page was closed and opened:

The Compiled HTNL HTML Help

I'm not talking about the preview display (you can never trust that), I'm talking about after saving your changes.

It looks OK now, but it didn't look ok right after it was saved. This is not as big a problem as the first example.

If you look at the revision history, you will see a change in the reverse direction... trust me, I might have typed HTNL at first, but I never changed HTML to HTNL :)

asked 24 Jul '15, 02:35

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Breck Carter
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FWIW, a further problem IMHO seems that submitting a comment takes up to 30 seconds now and then (so I get worried my changes will be lost), and now and then navigating to a page on which I have made edits takes much longer than to other pages. - I have noticed those issues several times but not in a really reproducable way.

(24 Jul '15, 03:51) Volker Barth
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Yes, the slowness is a much bigger problem... more than a "quirk", it does need fixing. I recommend running Foxhound against the database ( of course I do :)

alt text

(24 Jul '15, 09:23) Breck Carter
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