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Just a slight issue:

The Deployment Wizard when run on a 64-bit v12.0.1.4216 Windows install seems to add 64-bit components even for a 32-bit only deploy. I'm trying to create a minimal client setup (just the ODBC driver, all other options opted out), the following 64-bit files are added, too:

C:\Program Files\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 12\bin32\createcert.exe [1178416 bytes]
C:\Program Files\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 12\bin32\createkey.exe [977712 bytes]
C:\Program Files\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 12\bin32\viewcert.exe [1153328 bytes]
C:\Program Files\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 12\bin64\createcert.exe [1610544 bytes] <--
C:\Program Files\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 12\bin64\createkey.exe [1314096 bytes]  <--
C:\Program Files\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 12\bin64\viewcert.exe [1562416 bytes]   <--
32-bit file [BIN64_DIR]\rsaroot.crt
C:\Program Files\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 12\bin64\rsaroot.crt [1262 bytes]       <--
32-bit file [BIN64_DIR]\eccroot.crt

No big deal but it makes the setup somewhat bigger than required.

When running the setup on a 32-bit SA install, those files are not added (as expected)...

asked 22 Jul '15, 11:17

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Volker Barth
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edited 23 Jul '15, 03:20

The behavior comes down to there being only 1 feature for both (32-bit and 64-bit) versions of those utilities. To avoid this we would need a 64-bit only one and to change the MSI to include both features when appropriate. {your 32-bit installation only works because there is no 64-bit versions of these files to include}

I suspect this has come about because the 64-bit versions of these utilities were only added late to 12.0.1. It appears to be that way in versions 16 and 17 as well.

I will mention this to development. In the meantime you may be able manually remove these (Orca maybe?) if you see a problem with leaving those in.

Thanks for pointing this out.

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answered 18 Aug '15, 15:04

Nick%20Elson%20SAP%20SQL%20Anywhere's gravatar image

Nick Elson S...
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edited 18 Aug '15, 15:05

I stand corrected. This is was already addressed for versions 16 and 17 ... so it is only an issue for some of the later EBFS/SPs for 12.0.1.

(18 Aug '15, 18:25) Nick Elson S...
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Hm, not sure about that, a 32-bit-only Deployment - only the ODBC client was chosen - seems to omit the "CERTUTILS section" altogether and does neither contain 32-bit nor 64-bit versions of createcert.exe and the like. (I'm not sure whether this is an improvement or not, but basically they don't seem to be necessary for ODBC...).

However, with v16, there are some 64-bit binaries included as well, here for dbsupport.exe and dbtsinfo.exe:

Feature: dbsupport.exe
C:\Program Files\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 16\bin32\dbsupport.exe (Not Found)

Feature: dbsupport.exe_64
C:\Program Files\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 16\bin64\dbsupport.exe [657864 bytes]

Feature: dbtsinfo.exe
C:\Program Files\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 16\bin32\dbtsinfo.exe (Not Found)

Feature: dbtsinfo.exe_64
C:\Program Files\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 16\bin64\dbtsinfo.exe [467400 bytes]

Note, it's just a slight issue, I won't modify those MSI files to make them smaller...

(19 Aug '15, 01:00) Volker Barth
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