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i am the network-advisor of a smal Company.

We got a new Software using SQL Anywhere as Database System.

Every time the Workstation enters standby-mode with the application still open and running, that is using the SQL anywhere database engine on the Server, there is a error message dropped when reaktivating the desktop pc.

"Error 7 - Database Interface does not Support Remote Procedure calls."

And when you klick "OK" the next message is:

"Application stoped running".

Server is a Windows Server 2012 x64 and Desktops are running Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

Why is this? Do i have to disable standby mode and energy saving on every Desktop? Or is this a disgn error in the application which is using SQL anywhere as dabase?

I hope anyone is able to understand my english. It's a long time since shool ...

Many thanks in advance...

asked 01 Jul '15, 09:34

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The errors that you are getting look to be application error messages (i.e. they do not look like errors generated by SQL Anywhere). But to get started, what version and build number of SQL Anywhere is being used.

FWIW: The database server should be able to handle standby/suspension - it will automatically detect suspend/resume events and react accordingly (assuming you are using a "recent" - released within the last 5-8 years - version).

It could be that the application is attempting to do an RPC call before the network on the computer has been established completely after coming out of suspension. Just a guess?

(01 Jul '15, 09:40) Mark Culp

That seems possible to me.

There is a little delay before the Network is reconnected... I don't know why this is, because every Station is using fixed IP adresses.

Is there any chance to see which Errors occured on the Server part of SQL anywhwere?

I could post a list of that if that would help...

(01 Jul '15, 10:15) NSchuder
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But to get started, what version and build number of SQL Anywhere is being used.

Please show us the output of "SELECT @@version".

(01 Jul '15, 10:25) Volker Barth

where should i type that command? In a command window / dos box?

I'm not the programmer of the aplication. I have only Access to user level...

(01 Jul '15, 15:01) NSchuder

The "Database Interface does not Support Remote Procedure calls" message is being reported by PowerBuilder. RPC calls are illegal when DisableBind=1 so ensuring that dynamic powerbuilder database parameter is not set to that value should correct this issue. If it does not, you may want to raise this in the PowerBuilder SCN (SAP Community Network).

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answered 01 Jul '15, 23:42

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Chris Keating
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