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It appears that the Sync Model wizard does NOT correctly update scripts for consolidated schema changes. After updating the schema, then creating new table mappings to include new columns, then deploying the changes (via scripts), the consolidated schema changes are NOT in the scripts.

After trying every imaginable combination of parameters, I gave up and re-created the sync model from scratch. That worked.

Has anybody else had these issues?

asked 17 Jun '15, 10:52

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Support for updating deployed sync models was significantly improved in version 16, but I wonder if you had made any changes to the previous scripts after generating them. That would have changed their status to "overridden", which would prevent them from being regenerated when you added the new column mappings.

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answered 17 Jun '15, 11:27

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Graham Hurst
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Thank you for the reply. Your suggestions prompted me to try again, and think differently about the problem.

I was able to make it work today.

I don't know what I was missing before, but after several tries I generated a new script that deployed consolidated database schema changes to remote databases from an existing model. I had to 'update' the consolidated schema (which seems backwards to me, unless we're talking about the ML schema). On deployment, I also had to 'create new remote db'. 'Update existing db' did not work when applied to the remoted dbs.

(18 Jun '15, 14:06) simbexuser
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