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Im trying to change my DB Server and I'm receiving the above message The server today is windows server 2003, the new one is windows server 2012 R2 (better hardware) the batch to call is the same as the old one. ("C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 12\Bin64\dbsrv12.exe" -c128M -m -xtcpip -nScgwinNovo E:\BD-Sybase\SISPETRO\scgwin12.db)

Copyright © 2001-2011, iAnywhere Solutions, Inc.
Portions copyright © 1988-2011, Sybase, Inc. All rights reserved.
Use of this software is governed by the Sybase License Agreement.
Refer to
Processors detected: 1 (containing 12 logical processors)
Processor limit (Workgroup Edition): 2
Processor limit (licensed processors): 1
Maximum number of physical processors the server will use: 1
This server is licensed to:
    Windows User
    RDP Petroleo
Running Unrecognized Windows version Build 9200  on X86_64
Server built for X86_64 processor architecture
138288K of memory used for caching
Minimum cache size: 138288K, maximum cache size: 14888700K
Using a maximum page size of 4096 bytes
Multiprogramming level: minimum:12, current:20, maximum:80
Automatic tuning of multiprogramming level is enabled
Starting database "scgwin12" (E:\BD-Sybase\SISPETRO\scgwin12.db) at Wed May 27 2015 12:00
Error: Database cannot be started -- Access is denied.

asked 27 May '15, 13:15

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Mark Culp

This looks like a permission problem: "Access is denied"

Make sure that the user that is starting the database has read/write permissions on all of the database files.

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answered 27 May '15, 13:48

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Mark Culp
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I'd double checked the permissions and found a strange thing, the folder has the correct permissions, but the file has different permission, dont know why, I needed to give specific settings to it, and it runs. Mistery...

Thanks a lot.

(27 May '15, 14:18) phbraga

If you are using WINDOWS, Make Sure your .DB and .LOG files has READ and WRITE permisions under their security settings...


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answered 17 Jul '15, 02:54

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[NO-MOCKERY-ALLOWED]  And your advice differs from Mark's answer how?  [/NO-MOCKERY-ALLOWED]

(17 Jul '15, 08:31) Breck Carter
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