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Go to SQL Anywhere 16 DCX MobiLink consolidated databases page.

Click on the "Login" button.

See confirmation page for a moment: "SAP ID Service - You have now been authenticated."

DCX page redisplays, but the "Submit a comment" button still does not work.

asked 18 May '15, 07:51

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Breck Carter
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It's still "working" like that. Editing Sybase to SAP does also still work but a redirection is badly needed since there is no way of updating all the links out there in people's help files.

(12 Jun '15, 15:19) Justin Willey
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Breck, your link says "".
Replacing "sybase" with "sap" should fix the login problem.

We've hat that before: What credentials ar used for DCX?

permanent link

answered 18 May '15, 10:28

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Reimer Pods
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To cite my suggestion from that FAQ:

Just as a suggestion:

Given the fact that currently both DCX-sites are available and that the Sybase-hosted DCX may be necessary for the links from the local help (in case a redirection is not possible), it would be nice if a login attempt at the Sybase-hosted DCX would be directed to the SAP-hosted site. (So I would not have noticed that there are indeed two different sites...)

I guess Breck will second that suggestion:)

(19 May '15, 03:47) Volker Barth
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