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Hi there,

We've been using the developer version of SQL Anywhere and found it to work great. We've since attempted to purchase the software through the "SAP Store". For a week now our order for "SAP Standard Maintenance, SAP SQL Anywhere" has been "In Process". We've submitted a couple of requests and received 1 response saying there was a small issue and they're working on it.

It just seems a little weird, is there some other way I'm supposed to purchase software other than the "SAP Store"? We're new to the whole SAP universe, but essentially want to give you money in return for software :) I understand this isn't a support forum for the Store, but we just don't seem to be getting anywhere with them. We've got a project on hold till we can get this figured out.

asked 27 Apr '15, 13:51

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Jason MS
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Hm, if we could only find out what Breck had commented here temporarily... - would be worth some bounties, methinks:)

(30 Apr '15, 04:14) Volker Barth

Jason, I've emailed you to get some details on your problem and will try to help get things moving.


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answered 27 Apr '15, 14:43

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Just to close the loop on this. There was an internal problem with generating of user ids for new customers. Clearly nobody should have to wait this long to get software purchased online, and the SAP Store team is working on improving their processes when internal issues occur in relation to order fulfillment.


(30 Apr '15, 10:16) Jason Hinspe...
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