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I am new to Sybase. I apologize for stating any wrong technical terms mentioned in this post. I have been given a database file "export.db" taken from Sybase Anywhere 7. Can anyone please let me know, is there a way to extract the data from the ".db" database file? Or is there any UI client available to pull the table data from the ".db" database files?



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If you have never used SQL Anywhere before you will need to understand you need a running server and account login information to access the tables contained inside of any database file.

Since you seem to know about Sybase Central I will assume you have a copy of the version 7 SQL Anywhere software but if you do not you will need to obtain that.

A full unload of the database can be obtained using the dbunload utility (dbunload.exe on Windows).

Any one table can be unloaded using the 'unload table' statement (if using any query tool, dbisql or dbisqlc come with the full product). From Sybase Central, you can unload any single table, one at a time, by navigating to the table list and right-mouse clicking to bring up an properties/attribute menu and selecting "Unload Data ..." the table from there.

If your version dbisql.exe has a Data menu you may also have an export function under that.

Unfortunately version 7 of SQL Anywhere went past support over a decade ago (~2002) and I do not have a running copy of it handy nor are there any web accessible copies of the help documentation that came with that version ... so you may need to refer to the docs that install with the software.


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