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I want to access a remote database (SQL Anywhere 9). Can I do this using a shared hosting service?

I am pretty new in this area, so any pointer would be helpful

I tried from one of the hosting service providers. They don't have the SQLAnywhere driver. Can I download the driver, install in my account and use that for ODBC connection? I tried this on a windows hosting server, but was not successful. The hosting in general supports ODBC connectivity. They have drivers for other databases and can connect successfully. Difficulty in connecting to SQL Anywhere database because of "no driver"

Would appreciate if I could get some direction on how to go about. Thanks in advance for all your help.

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You can use the SQL Anywhere 16 ODBC driver to connect to a SQL Anywhere 9 database; for example, here is a DSN-less client connection string: ENG=ddd9; DBN=ddd9; UID=dba; PWD=sql; DRIVER=SQL Anywhere 12;

It is not clear what you want to do. Do you want to connect to an existing SQL Anywhere database running [somewhere] from a client application running [somewhere else]? If so, please describe the [somewhere]s.

Do you want to create/install/set up a new SQL Anywhere 9 database on a shared hosting service? That may be a bigger challenge... you may want to use a more recent version of SQL Anywhere.

(05 Feb '15, 08:51) Breck Carter

I have an existing database on a remote server. That is my client's own server with a static IP address. That server has a SQLAnywhere 9 database. I want to read the data from that database for my web page in my shared hosting. Client's set up cannot be changed. I have freedom to select a shared host (windows/Linux etc). As a test, I installed SQLAnywhere 9 on my laptop and could connect to that database. I used Sybase central to set up the IP address, Database name etc. I could run sql queries and get proper results. Now my challenge is to set this up on a shared hosting.

(05 Feb '15, 09:46) zolio
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And your web page does need an ODBC connection to the ASA9 server? - If so, you will have to install the SQL Anywhere ODBC driver (for v9 or any newer version, as Breck has stated) on the according OS and will have to configure it for the account that will make the connection (i.e. the web server process), as in Breck's sample has shown. Here's a link to the v12.0.1 docs on deploying ODBC clients.

However, whether you are allowed or not to install such drivers within your shared hosting service, I can't tell for obvious reasons.

(05 Feb '15, 10:07) Volker Barth

I was doing some investigations and trials. What I understand is that shared hosting service providers generally don't allow installation of our own drivers. Looks like that is where I am stuck at. Anyone know any hosting service who might allow me install an SQLAnywhere driver on it? (or already having the driver installed on it)? I have come across hosting service providers having ODBC drivers for MySQL, MS-SQL, MS-Access etc. Wondering if any hosting agency have taken care of SQLA driver.

Other alternative is to go for a dedicated server hosting, which is expensive. Once you are on dedicated hosting, we are free to install our own drivers.

Shall keep updated here, until I find a solution/conclusion. Thanks for all notes and suggestions

(08 Feb '15, 22:41) zolio
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