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Yesterday, the SQL Anywhere team published a new TPC-C Benchmark Result, placing SQL Anywhere in the number 1 spot for price/performance ($0.19 US), at less than 1/2 the previous best result ever published!

The benchmark was executed with a 750 GB database, 90,000 connections, and demonstrated a throughput rate of 112,890 tpmc (transactions per minute), and required no advanced configuration and minimal tuning of the database server parameters.

It ran using off the shelf hardware from Dell, and had a total system cost of just over $20,000.

The SQL Anywhere team is pretty excited by this result, as it demonstrates the out-of-the-box performance on standard hardware that we have made our mission for years.

The Top Ten list is here:

The complete details are here:

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Just to add a link to Glenn Paulley's blog:

SQL Anywhere achieves world-best TPC-C benchmark

To cite from that:

The full disclosure report contains all of the benchmark’s details but I would like to specifically highlight the performance tuning parameters specified on pages 46-47 of the report. Essentially, the SQL Anywhere performance parameters used in the benchmark differ from the SQL Anywhere defaults in only 3 ways:

  • Dynamic cache sizing is turned off to achieve maximal cache warming during the benchmark’s warmup phase;
  • The server’s multiprogramming level is fixed at 500, again to achieve fast-as-possible warmup preceding the benchmark reporting period; and
  • The maximal number of plans cached per connection was increased to 100 rather than the default of 20.

One should note from this that all of the other automatic tuning mechanisms in SQL Anywhere – plan caching, cost-based optimization, real-time statistics collection, and so on – are still enabled for the benchmark. This is a BIG DEAL for SQL Anywhere customers who rely on SQL Anywhere’s self-management features to provide top-of-the-line run-time performance with near-zero system administration.

IMHO, the conclusion within the last paragraph is even more impressing and important than the mere all-time record for price/performance...

(04 Dec '14, 03:45) Volker Barth
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