I have a couple specific questions

Upgrading 100's of locations from 10.0.1 to 16 ... In my testing if I only run the alter database upgrade things seem to work easy, however Sybase Central does not seem to want to use the database unless I do an unload/reload. I've upgraded before not an easy undertaking for support on a unload/reload. we also use MobiLink replication at several locations. Why the unload/reload is there some things I would be missing? would I have to unload/reload later?

I botched the last release deploying specific files vs the wizard. ended up deploying a development version vs oem version ... trying to figure out what components I can deploy in an OEM situation is a bit confusing. They are working on the contract now. Is there a good way to determine that contract terms match the deploy wizard terms? I basically would like to include everything in the wizard but the UltraLite.

So Sybase 16 has some cool services with JSON, I can create an angularjs application looks good etc. now I am not sure how the licencing for services is managed we currently charge per seat. If I set up web/service/JSON how should I be handling licencing?

The last big question is there anything I should be concerned about when going from 10 to 16?

asked 20 Nov '14, 18:50

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To answer the licensing part: You have 3 options for licensing SQL Anywhere

  1. Buy a license per Chip, the number of users is then not relevant. (~4000 US$/Per chip)
  2. Buy license per user (~200 US$/User)
  3. OEM Licensing, needs a separate contract with SAP and a large number of licenses

The prices above are for the Workgroup edition of the database. There exists also Standard and Advanced version of the licenses, which have more features, but also cost more.

Here is a overwiev of the available editions. http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-54533

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answered 21 Nov '14, 02:21

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