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I want to use the jConnect Jar

In the Documentation i can find a URL that is no longer working.

Question is where can I find the latest Developer Kit ? I tried SAP Support Portal but can't find anything there.

asked 17 Nov '14, 07:36

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Thomas Dueme...
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Volker Barth


I tried SAP Support Portal but can't find anything there.

That's not restricted to jConnect, correct?

(17 Nov '14, 07:39) Volker Barth
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Yes. I can't find anything there. Probably I think as DBA my brain is to limited for that stuff.

(17 Nov '14, 07:46) Thomas Dueme...

You can only get JConnect as part of the SDK for ASE, which is downloadable from SAP Service Marketplace.

See this KBA for more details:

2093510 - How to Download Free SDK for SAP ASE [Windows, Linux, Unix]

  1. Go to the SAP Store
  3. Download the ASE SDK from one of the links: alt text
permanent link

answered 17 Nov '14, 13:45

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Jason Hinspe...
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Jeff Albion

That is the Problem SAP <> SERVICE

I have check the Catalog A-Z, I have searched in the Catalog, In the totally new catalog, On Market Place and Support Portal.

SAP is really a §*$T&§$&§&&§&§&§&&§&$%"$%"%". That has to be said.

Even a thread with a Detailed description did not help.

Jason. We don't have a ASE license. Can it be that this is the reason I can't download ?

(18 Nov '14, 06:35) Thomas Dueme...
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We don't have a ASE license. Can it be that this is the reason I can't download ?

Yes, this is the reason, and Ryan Hansen explains here further:

You can download the ASE Developer Edition here:

I can confirm that the ASE Developer Package DOES contain jConnect 16.0:

alt text

Directory of \ase_1600_x64\jConnect-16_0\*
18/11/2014  13:41         <DIR>    .
18/11/2014  13:41         <DIR>    ..
18/11/2014  13:41         <DIR>    classes
18/11/2014  13:41         <DIR>    devclasses
18/11/2014  13:41         <DIR>    docs
18/11/2014  13:41         <DIR>    gateway2
18/11/2014  13:41         <DIR>    sample2
18/11/2014  13:41         <DIR>    sp
18/11/2014  13:41         <DIR>    tools
12/11/2013  17:08           1,462  index.html
14/12/2009  13:33          15,121  netimpct.gif
20/03/2014  13:17             120  version.txt

java -jar classes\jconn4.jar
jConnect (TM) for JDBC(TM)/16.0 PL01 N-OFF (Build 27031)/P/EBF22531/JDK 1.6.0/jdbcmain/OPT/Thu Mar 20 11:14:13 PDT 2014
(18 Nov '14, 13:45) Jeff Albion

So. After registration. I download now 1.4GB to get a 100K jar. Funny times.

Why is it not possible to distribute this file with the SA Package.

Thanks for your help.

(19 Nov '14, 05:41) Thomas Dueme...

Thomas, just to understand your needs a bit better, why are you using jConnect if you do not have an ASE license? If you need a JDBC driver that connects to SQL Anywhere only, then you can use the driver included with SQL Anywhere.

(19 Nov '14, 10:25) JBSchueler
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I want to use JAVA only connection in our tomcat environment to connect to SA. On the linux box I don't want to maintain additional installed binaries.

The Documentation JDBC support mentions

'SQL Anywhere also supports a pure Java JDBC driver, named jConnect, which is available from Sybase'

(20 Nov '14, 06:18) Thomas Dueme...

I have posted the following errata to the DCX page.

The jConnect driver is available as a separate download from the SAP Software Download Center on the SAP Service Marketplace. Search for the SDK FOR SAP ASE. Documentation for jConnect is included in the install.

However, this is a bit sketchy.

I'd suggest starting by searching the web for "SAP Software Download Center" (this should turn up

Tomorrow, this procedure may be different but as of this moment in time, try the following.

  1. Click Software Downloads.
  2. Click Search for Software.
  3. Click Search for software on this page (yes, a second time).
  4. Enter "SDK FOR SAP ASE" in the Search Term and click Search.

Good luck.

permanent link

answered 18 Nov '14, 11:49

JBSchueler's gravatar image

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Thanks for your effords.

I have again followed the steps. I have uploaded a screen shot of my search result on evernote

Probably you can see my problem

(18 Nov '14, 11:59) Thomas Dueme...

From this page, click the link next to the spyglass (on the right side of the page).

I got the same result as you by searching for "RFC SDK FOR SAP" (although with English text on the web page).

But if you search for SDK FOR SAP ASE, you should get correct matches. If not, then I am at a loss to explain your results.

You could also try SDK FOR SAP ASE 16.0 to reduce the number of matches.

(18 Nov '14, 13:01) JBSchueler

Tomorrow, this procedure may be different but as of this moment in time, try...

That seems to be a fitting attitude towards the SAP support world:)

(18 Nov '14, 14:58) Volker Barth
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