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alt textThe SQL Monitor Dashboard reports in the Alarmlist Screen a Alert from Resource B under the Resource A. My college and I have doublechecked the Alarmlist Tab and the resource settings, but we can't find any Problem mixing up the resources or any other things.

Alert from 8:40 b3longs to resource amic2test and not to ludwl. Do I have missed out a setting that Show all alerts across the resources?

asked 11 Nov '14, 09:45

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Hi Bernhard,

I think you are saying that an alert is being reported for the wrong resource. If you change the Alert List Settings (upper right corner of Alert List widget has a drop-down for settings) and show alerts ONLY for amic2test, does that alert get listed?

The alert looks like a long-running query complaint. What makes you think that the alert belongs to the ludwl resource instead of the amic2test resource?



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answered 12 Nov '14, 14:12

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