I've been asked to install an ancient version of SQLAnyhere - ASA 8 - to bring an old DB back to life.

I had to install on an old version of Ubuntu (8.04) and it mostly seems to have worked.

However, some of the tools don't.

In particular, dbisql complains "The Java2 runtime environment could be found but not loaded. The application could not be started."

I believe that the ASA8 install installed some old version of Java, but that obviously wasn't quite enough. I even tried a manual install of Java6 - and that made no difference.

Any suggestions on how to get this old bird off the ground?

asked 06 Nov '14, 04:09

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Just wondering the same myself! Not sure what's going on, but dbisqlc not quite enough for me...

(28 Jan '18, 07:48) alexlake
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Do you have the ASA Windows installer? Would it be better if you install ASA 8 on Windows?

(28 Jan '18, 08:06) Vlad
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I'm afraid not. It's only the pesky dbisql that doesn't work. I might try a direct copy of the bare metal machine disk we have that does work. It's annoying that this is probably something simple...

(28 Jan '18, 17:47) alexlake

Internet says that Java2 runtime is 1.4.2. Maybe you can install it? Portable, and don't forget about $PATH$ and $JAVA_HOME$.

(28 Jan '18, 18:07) Vlad

Just for curiosity:

What exactly are you missing with dbisqlc? With v8, I think you should be able to run all scripts and queries as with DBISQL. There might be differences w.r.t. the OUTPUT options, and you cannot edit result sets, and it sure does look older, but otherwise?

(30 Jan '18, 00:59) Volker Barth

Try installing a later version of SQL Anywhere, and using the dbisql from that version. Multiple different versions of SQL Anywhere can coexist on the same machine, and I have found the same problem you have with earlier versions... later versions of dbisql seem to work fine with older databases, with SQL Anywhere 5.5 being the only one that's on "the other side" of a legacy barrier.

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answered 29 Jan '18, 07:28

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Breck Carter
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Volker Barth

What a great idea - thanks.

(31 Jan '18, 18:06) alexlake

Awesome! That worked a dream. Strangely, asking for 75% of the memory to be used as cache freaked out 32 bit ASA8 when it found 8GB installed RAM, and it complained of "not enough memory" when it really meant "too much memory", but we are now in business. Many thanks.

(01 Feb '18, 02:40) alexlake

I'd try the C-based DBISQLC, it does not require Java and should be enough to apply SQL scripts and ad-hoc queries. (I still use it with v12.0.1...)

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answered 06 Nov '14, 05:13

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Volker Barth
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