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Here I am asking another question on mobilink synchronizations :-)...

I am in the middle of updating publications on client machines and i do this by the following command:

"Alter synchronization subscription to somepublication alter option sv='myscriptversion'"

Now, it looks like I can Only update existing tables with foreign keys IF i place them inside the following script:

"Start synchronization schema change for tables A, B Set script version = 'myscriptversion';"

// Add foreign keys to A and B tables

"Stop synchronization schema change;"

so my question => since I am already updating my publication, why is there a "Set script version" command in the "start synchronization schema change" command ?

thanks in advance,

asked 28 Oct '14, 03:46

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Have you had a look at this topic? -> Script versions and subscriptions

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answered 29 Oct '14, 10:31

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edited 29 Oct '14, 10:32


I see, so the script version in schema change is a different legacy approach. I guess I'll have to remember to use the correct version in both places.


(04 Nov '14, 07:24) vdcey
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