I am reliably getting this error: Failed to decompress a compressed packet when both COMP=YES and values for PBUF & PROWS are specified in a connection string.

It seems to depend on the relative values of PROWS & PBUF used, and the size of the result set. It seems that once PBUF is more than approx 100k, any value of PROWS more than about 40 will cause the error, with a decent size result set (1000 rows+). There is no problem with any combination of PBUF and PROWS if COMP=NO.

The behaviour is the same on the latest ebf of 9.0.2 and (server), (client). I can't find any refrence to a similar problem in the 10.0.1 fix list.

An example of the error from the client log:

18:15:01 [   22] Failed to decompress a compressed packet
18:15:01 [   22] Received bad packet (type: 24, received length: 1062, header length: 1062), disconnecting
18:15:01 [   22] Connection terminated abnormally; error code 100001
18:15:01 [   22] Communication function i_cs_HandleSQLPresError code 5
18:15:01 [   22] Communication function StrmGetInd code 2
18:15:01 [   22] Client disconnected

At the server end you just get:

Connection terminated abnormally

I've found this while testing wide area performance, for which both prefetching and compression are clearly important. I wonder if anyone else has seen something similar?

asked 16 Dec '09, 18:35

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Justin Willey
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Fixed in Many thanks to everyone involved in identifying and sorting the problem.

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answered 15 Sep '10, 13:23

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Justin Willey
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A good idea to report here when bugs have been fixed, obviously:)

(15 Sep '10, 13:54) Volker Barth

A couple of quick tests (using comp=yes;pbuf=150k;prows=50, selecting 5000 rows of ~5000 bytes each) worked properly for me. I would recommend that you open an issue with tech support. If you give them a repro, they should be able to help diagnose the problem.

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answered 16 Dec '09, 20:49

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Graeme Perrow
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Does tech support have a mechanism for easily testing "wide area performance", which may be a critical phrase in Justin's description.

(17 Dec '09, 09:26) Breck Carter

Finally got back to this one - case + repro submitted as Case Id: 11611636

(10 Jun '10, 18:27) Justin Willey

Support have identified two bugs - should be fixed soon

(05 Aug '10, 19:52) Justin Willey

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