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After installing the update on a Windows 2008 R2 System isql blocked when I called a Procedure. On my Windows 7 Machine the same Update worked without problems.

The behaviour was that after calling the Procedure in iSQL the result set was not displayed. Normally there are at least the captions for the columns in the result set that are prepared. But nothing was shown after the update was installed and iSql hung. Had to end the process.

I could de-install the update without a problem.

I use currently

What You Should Know About KB2993651 Before Installing It


asked 05 Sep '14, 12:00

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I developed a slight tremor when reading Microsoft's description of that replacement KB last week, but it caused no trouble on Windows 7 (as you note) and the tremor passed... perhaps it is time to reach for the dead chicken?

(05 Sep '14, 14:10) Breck Carter
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FWIW this article starts off talking about a completely different situation, but does include mention of KB2993651. It sounds like like it's part of one big, fat and sadly continuing fiasco... however, after so many years of amazingly flawless Windows updates, I'm reluctant to see a trend in one fiasco. After all, Microsoft isn't HHS :)

(06 Sep '14, 08:02) Breck Carter
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