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It ... has ... been ... virtually ... unusable, on and off, for days... I have abandoned posts, for example.

asked 28 Aug '14, 16:24

Breck%20Carter's gravatar image

Breck Carter
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Yes, that's my impression, too:(

(28 Aug '14, 17:17) Volker Barth

Hmmm, not sure what is causing the slowness that you have been seeing. I have a monitoring system that externally measures the response time and it has not seen any "geologic slowness". Today there have been a few measurements of ~10s response (around noon EST) but other than that it has measured fairly reasonable response. I took a look at the computer and did not see anything "eating up the CPU". I'll increase the monitoring interval to see if I can detect anything amiss.

(28 Aug '14, 17:18) Mark Culp
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Mark, for me the response time is still bad, both at the time of your comment and now...

(29 Aug '14, 04:31) Volker Barth

> I have a monitoring system

Are you using New Relic? I have a client who is happy with it, has even coded a custom component to directly monitor the SQL Anywhere servers in addition to the supplied components that watch the GUI... I'm not recommending you do the custom stuff, just the "watch the GUI" part which is where I believe (WAG alert) the problem with the forum lies.

FWIW right now response time is good... like the subject says, it is erratic, and when it is good it is excellent... when it is bad it is throwing chairs bad...

alt text

(29 Aug '14, 08:25) Breck Carter

Whatever was going wrong back in August seems to have been fixed... bravo!

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answered 12 Sep '14, 07:40

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Breck Carter
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Perhaps a clue... I went to the SAP website the other day and was moving along surprisingly fast looking for some info, until I got to a page that required me to login. From that point forward, the speed dropped to about 1/4 of what it had been. Maybe the speed problem isn't the website itself, but the authorization service??

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answered 18 Sep '14, 11:00

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Bill Aumen
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