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SAAP, which stands for SAP Always Available Platform, is a new product being prepared for release in the fourth quarter of 2014. It consists of an SAP UI5 application using a SQL Anywhere database to provide local SAP ERP functionality at a remote site even when a network connection is not available. SAAP then uses MobiLink to synchronize the remote SQL Anywhere database with SAP ERP at headquarters when the network is available.

This is big news for SQL Anywhere... HANA is SAP's flagship database product, not SQL Anywhere, yet SAP is using SQL Anywhere to build a new component for its other flagship product (SAP ERP)... and once it's released SAAP will probably use all five products: SAP UI5, SQL Anywhere, MobiLink, SAP ERP and HANA.

SAP doesn't talk much about SQL Anywhere, but not only is SAP fully supporting SQL Anywhere, SAP is using it to build other products!


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Breck Carter
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Great news, and thanks that you do talk much about SQL Anywhere:)

And by the way, are you about to become a taxonomist...?

(28 Jul '14, 07:23) Volker Barth
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> are you about to become a taxonomist...?

Oh, no, it was a moment of weakness :)

(28 Jul '14, 14:17) Breck Carter
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