What's the best way to set up SQL Anywhere for use on a higher-latency network such as a WAN or VPN?

asked 15 Dec '09, 18:54

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There is a whitepaper available on sybase.com that answers this specific question.

permanent link

answered 15 Dec '09, 21:21

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Glenn Paulley
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The link is not valid anymore

(09 Jul '15, 03:45) Martin

This whitepaper would be very useful to me right now. But the Sybase link is not valid. And a search of SAP support for "SQL Anywhere vpn" produces one totally unrelated result.

Does anyone know how else I might find it please?

(23 Mar '16, 14:16) Bill Aumen

Hi Bill,

The whitepaper has been migrated to SCN and updated.

An updated version can be found at this link: http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-63285

The original version Glenn linked to can be found here: http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-35605

Thanks, Mikel

(23 Mar '16, 17:56) Mikel Rychliski

got it. Thanks so much Mikel.

(23 Mar '16, 18:08) Bill Aumen
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FWIW, Jason has published a "Selected List" of SQL Anywhere Whitepapers, containing that one, too.

(23 Mar '16, 19:10) Volker Barth
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