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Hello everybody,

I am not sure if this is a bug or not, but Sybase Central adds double quotes that are exported later to mlsrv.bat file and prevent the Mobilink server from starting. Here is the screenshot of scjview.exe:

alt text

When you launch the generated mlsrv.bat file, the Mobilink server shows an error:

I. (JVM): Unrecognized option: -cp c:\Users\MyUser\Documents\test_1
E. [-10123] Unable to load the Java VM due to an unknown error

The correct command line should be generated without double quotes.

asked 19 Jul '14, 08:58

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I just tried omitting the ( and ) and Sybase Central didn't care... it didn't add the required ( and ), and it did add the bogus " characters.

(19 Jul '14, 09:54) Breck Carter

Yes, Breck, this is true. The double quotes are always added even if you use brackets or not. But mlsrv16.exe accepts brackets only. upd: I do not know if this is a bug or not. I can overcome this, it is not a problem.

(19 Jul '14, 11:16) Vlad

UPDATE: This issue has now been fixed in CR #768513, in

Hi Vlad,

I can also reproduce this issue and I agree that it's a bug with the wizard. I have opened CR #768513 to address this issue.

Thank you for the bug report.

permanent link

answered 01 Aug '14, 15:10

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Jeff Albion
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edited 20 Aug '14, 14:50

Thank you, Jeff. I will track the report, if I remember how :)

(01 Aug '14, 17:12) Vlad
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