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I see these two names on the web. Are they different in any way?

asked 07 Jul '14, 22:49

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FWIW, the official product name for v16 is "SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16" - cf. the v16 docs, so it's both "SAP" and still "Sybase"...

Earlier versions were named differently - AFAIK:

  • Watcom SQL 3.x - 4.x
  • Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.x
  • Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.x - 9.x (though the product bundle was still SQL Anywhere Studio)
  • (Sybase) SQL Anywhere 10.x - 12.x

Note that "Sybase 16" may also relate to

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answered 08 Jul '14, 04:06

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Volker Barth
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edited 08 Jul '14, 04:11

Volker, I'm impressed that you got all the names right clear back to the beginning. As everyone has guessed, the "Sybase" branding will disappear from product names as we move to more complete "SAP" branding.

Bonus marks for those who guess the new name for "Sybase Central", in the next major release. (and it's not SAP Central) (Hint: what is old is new again)

(08 Jul '14, 08:36) Chris Kleisath
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Ah, I see. So the chosen names have a high "return value":)

(08 Jul '14, 08:53) Volker Barth

It is the same product. SAP bought Sybase in 2010 and re-branding as SAP instead of Sybase. Wall Street Journal - SAP Strikes Deal for Sybase

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answered 08 Jul '14, 02:06

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Bill Aumen
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The official product name was changed to SAP SQL Anywhere as of early 2014, although the version 16 product is still named SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16. This name change has happened for all Sybase products at SAP.

Marketing and other materials are still being updated to reflect the new name so depending on when the reference material was last edited, you may see slightly different product names being referenced - they are all the same product.

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answered 08 Jul '14, 16:02

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Jeff Albion
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