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I don't remember to have used any single "set password dialog" in the last 15 years that forced me to use an exactly 8 character long password. "At minimum 8", that's OK for me, in accordance with SA's "min_password_length" option (yes, that one has a different default...).

But in the new SAP world, 8 characters are the only choice. IMHO, that's ridiculously low for a site that allows product downloads and license creation, and it prevents me from using my personal password system. (You got it, "password123!" needs 12 chars...)

Can't they use ALTER TABLE to enhance that field's size?

Feels like a time travel, just guess the direction:)

asked 04 Jun '14, 04:49

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Volker Barth
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it's not a question for logic thinking but for meditation and contemplation ;)

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answered 04 Jun '14, 07:43

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There seems potential for a whole new school of philosophy...

(04 Jun '14, 08:19) Justin Willey
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Hm, "potential" - if I remember my Latin lessons correctly, that word carries the notion of something that may become strong/mighty but is not yet...

Seems somewhat fitting to that new SAP support world:)

(04 Jun '14, 08:59) Volker Barth
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