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(the title says it all)

asked 10 Nov '09, 14:32

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Breck Carter
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edited 11 Jan '14, 07:54

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Graeme Perrow

Yes! And you get an badge for it!

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answered 10 Nov '09, 14:42

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Except for "admin"... apparently the admin don't get no steenking badges! :)

(10 Nov '09, 14:58) Breck Carter

Well... badges don't seem to be working, I have asked the question on

It is probably a Stupid Admin Trick of some kind :)

(10 Nov '09, 17:06) Breck Carter

Badges are working... there was a time delay. I don't know if it applies to the initial assignment, or to every badge assignment. Apparently it is a StackExchange performance issue, under review.

(10 Nov '09, 20:03) Breck Carter

Is it Okay to gain some reputation initially.

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answered 02 Dec '09, 13:56

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Yes... if I could give everyone a hundred points just to get them started, I would!

(02 Dec '09, 15:32) Breck Carter

Yes, yes, YES, a thousand times Yes!

Even if you post the answer right away, without waiting for someone else to try answering. And you can take the points, you don't have to mark it "Community Wiki".

Why would someone post a question-and-answer together? To help make SQLA better... there are thousands of questions with answers on the NNTP forums, for example, and if anyone wants to copy and paste them over here, that would be a wonderful thing!

Or if you have just worked through a difficult problem and you want to share it with others, post it here as a question with answer.

This is one of the ways SQLA is different from the original Over there, the official rule is exactly the same BUT the user community behaves differently: People who answer their own questions are called "reputation whores" and accused of posting questions-with-answers just to get points.

Unlike StackOverflow, SQLA is moderated, and the moderator says it is OK to accumulate wealth (points) by dint of hard work... and you get to keep what you earn, until you decide to spend it.

Or you can mark everything Community Wiki, it's your choice.

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This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 10 Nov '09, 14:47

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Breck Carter
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