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I can't find the EBF's for version 16 on SAP's web site but I keep getting notified that there is a new one when running isql? The link that isql takes me to seems to be broken.


asked 23 May '14, 10:20

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Well, it's been a nice long run, had to end sometime (the Latest SQL Anywhere Updates blog posts no longer lead anywhere).

No, wait, they're back!

No, wait again... for Windows (EBF 22770 SP11) is showing "Requested release is not available."

Looks like for Windows is there, and has been removed... dropped down the Memory Hole... never existed.

permanent link

answered 23 May '14, 10:29

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Breck Carter
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Guess that's what the "E" in "EBF" is for - someone needs to call the doctor:)

(23 May '14, 10:52) Volker Barth

finding ebf from Windows is now seemingly elusive dpending on os and browser. vista ultimate may find it with ie, windows 8 ie will not be able to get it. windows 8x with firefox can.

anyways I found only for sql anwywhere 16 I did download the ebf zip file from:

if the above link does not work, one can try get it using firefox: login mybase,select support tab, select ebf, search for sql anywhere 16 btw: limit search to 1 year

off topic: sybase site may be decommissioned by by jun 30 SAP site reuires maintance agreement Don't know what they want to do with developers who are still in the early stage of development and not quite ready to buy maitance agreement. I like sybase products and exp sql anywhere, but if SAP does not handle the transition right, I'm afraid many developers will start with some other low end low or free product for mass market.

(24 May '14, 19:40) gg99
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but if SAP does not handle the transition right, I'm afraid many developers will start with some other low end low or free product for mass market

You are right - this is a real danger. Even Microsoft provides patches without a maintenance agreement.

(26 May '14, 13:08) Justin Willey

Thanks. I got the EBF. I do have support contract but could not find it on the SAP site. I recently purchased licenses for a new customer and I have never had such a hard time to buy something. From start to finish, it took a week to get the download version. I ended up using the the development version to deploy and now I have go back and update all the licenses. All my new development will not use any SAP products.

(26 May '14, 13:18) jimblackburn
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To help you find a Support Package on the SAP Support site, try our Support Package download tutorial: ( )

If there's anything unclear about this process, please leave us feedback about what you found confusing and we will look into ways for future improvement.

(26 May '14, 13:22) Jeff Albion

And this is the problem. The site has to have a tutorial to just find a patch. I did find it by the way.

(26 May '14, 21:28) jimblackburn

Breck, I hope you keep that "Latest EBFs" page up-to-date inspite of the current "vanished EBFs"... - it's still the best overview on the current EBF situation (and the fastest path to access them, too...). And it does not require a tutorial to understand its usage...

(27 May '14, 05:44) Volker Barth
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