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Anyone have a link to a quick start on how to connect an android app to a database using web services?

Thanks in advance.

asked 12 May '14, 13:48

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From what you write I assume that you already use the http service.

You could stick with this approach and add more webservices for the sale system data. As long as they are just a couple and you don't need a variable number of filter and order by criteria you don't necessarily need OData, for example. I personaly would implement all query services by a stored procedure on the database side.

Instead of sending raw data you might consider sending XML or JSON. It makes parsing of the data more convenient on the client.

The checkout from the quarry would just be another service where you post the checkout data as http parameters, accept them in the stored procedure behind the service and then do in the database with the parameters whatever is necessary.



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answered 15 May '14, 12:02

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Michael Fischer
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Thanks, we did go in that general direction.

(06 Jun '14, 09:13) harncw


what kind of web service API do you want to use? SQL Anywhere supports simple HTTP services (either with XML or raw payload), SOAP and OData. Android clients can consume all three flavours (with the help of additional libraries).

The best choice of API depends on your requirements. Can you tell a little bit more about what you want to use the web service for?



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answered 13 May '14, 05:09

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Michael Fischer
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I do have some functionality already written where I used raw to send out html to web browsers, for reporting and even a "real time" "dash boards".

For this next project it will allow functionality for truck drivers to interact with a point of sale system and to check themselves out from a quarry.

The idea is if we keep them in the truck cab it's safer.

(13 May '14, 10:36) harncw
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