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Calling all Delphi developers (I know you're out there - don't be shy)....

Has anyone got experience of using the FireDAC data access features shipped with Delphi since version XE4? It's being billed as the finally, definitely, we mean it this time, really, BDE replacement. Unlike the others (DataSnap, DBExpress, you name it) this does seem to actually have the potential of being up to the job, supporting basics like cached updates that were missing in the previous attempts and offering "native" SQL Anywhere support (via the ODBC driver).

But is it any good? We've tried a few other things with varying success (NativeDB, Zeos etc), but for raw performance BDE still gives the most reliable results.

So I was wondering if there was any "real world" experience out there with FireDAC and SQL Anywhere?

asked 17 Apr '14, 16:34

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Justin Willey
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Mmmm - I'll take that as a no. Will report back with our experiences.

(03 Jun '14, 13:08) Justin Willey

We're not changing again are we?

FYI - I don't believe you are 12 years old but the picture is a good likeness!!!

(05 Jun '14, 11:27) RADicalSYS

Here we are migrating from BDE to FireDAC. Pretty soon we will have some practical experience. The tests were very good.

(05 Jun '14, 16:18) LGregianin
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@Leonardo - I'll be very interested to hear how you get on. Do you use the BDE cached updates mechanism?

(06 Jun '14, 05:59) Justin Willey

C FireDAC I really did not work, but I recommend you to work with SQL AnyWhere try to use the library SQL Direct ( She knows how to work with SQL AnyWhere via ODBC or OLEDB.

(06 Jun '14, 07:46) Stalker
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Thanks, I'll take a look.

(06 Jun '14, 07:54) Justin Willey
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