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Which query i need to get the size of an index in Sybase SQLAnywhere 10 or 16?

asked 25 Mar '14, 09:41

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You can do this by counting the number set bits in the allocation bitmap of the SYSPHYSIDX system view. This query doesn't take into account the fact that some of the index pages may be only partially full.

SELECT T.table_name, I.index_name, (DB_PROPERTY( 'PageSize' )*count_set_bits(p.allocation_bitmap))/1024 as "Usage (KB)"
FROM   sys.sysidx AS i
       JOIN sys.systab AS t
         ON T.table_id = I.table_id 
       JOIN sys.sysphysidx AS p
         ON p.table_id = i.table_id 
           AND  p.phys_index_id = i.phys_index_id 
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answered 25 Mar '14, 11:21

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Mikel Rychliski
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edited 25 Mar '14, 16:05


That would be "Usage (KB)" methinks... PageSize is in bytes.

(25 Mar '14, 15:53) Breck Carter

Ah yes, thanks. Corrected

(25 Mar '14, 16:04) Mikel Rychliski

Foxhound uses SYSPHYSIDX.leaf_page_count as a pretty good approximation for the purposes of identifying Tables From Hell and so on :)

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answered 25 Mar '14, 15:50

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Breck Carter
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