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Hi, I have a SqlAnyWhere 10 server running with appr. 37 databases on a Windows 2008R2 64bit server. The server runs nice for some days but then connections will not close even if the Client closes the application that holds the connection. Have anyone experienced and solved this?


asked 26 Feb '14, 07:11

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Sten Inge
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And then this happen i get "Communication error" when trying to connect to a database in Sybase Central.

(26 Feb '14, 07:51) Sten Inge

Hi Sten,

What is the exact version of SQL Anywhere? You can view this by runnning dbsrv10 -v from a command prompt or SELECT @@version from dbisql

(26 Feb '14, 09:44) Mikel Rychliski

Hi Mikel,


(26 Feb '14, 10:49) Sten Inge

Yes. See this question.

Notably, not all known connection hanging problems may have been solved on 10.0.1 (as it was end-of-life'd), but applying the last applicable EBF for 10.0.1 is advisable.

Using a value of '1' for MAX_QUERY_TASKS is also a workaround for this issue - this will take effect for all new logins to the server. Existing logins will not be affected until they reconnect.

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answered 26 Feb '14, 11:39

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Jeff Albion
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edited 26 Feb '14, 11:45

Hi Jeff,

I've downloaded the latest EBD (4310) and see if that solve my problem. If not I will try setting MAX_QUERY_TASKS option. I have to set that option on each database right?


(26 Feb '14, 12:55) Sten Inge
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Yes, sorry if that wasn't clear in my original response - the MAX_QUERY_TASKS setting is per-database, so you will have to enable the setting across all of your 37 databases for that server.

(26 Feb '14, 14:16) Jeff Albion
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