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Working with lock up correctly? I am using Delphi with ASA The times of some customers complain about "locking" system. Analyzing the db, I realized that each select effected the tables involved are being blocked (see call sa_locks ()). The tables listed in sa_locks procedure may influence the performance of the database?

asked 21 Jan '14, 12:22

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Walmir Taques
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Justin Willey

Just out of curiosity, what version of Delphi are you using?

(22 Jan '14, 09:43) JBSchueler
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We use Delphi version 5.0 (build 6.18) Update Pack 1, some old projects. And those projects that are "locking".

(22 Jan '14, 09:53) Walmir Taques

A lot will depend on what isolation level you are using. Have a look at this in the docs, but be aware that this link is for v10.0.1 - you are on the even older v9.0.2 which did not support Snapshot Isolation

In general you should use the lowest isolation level that is consistent with your needs for preserving the consistency of the data presented to users. Using high isolation levels will certainly have an effect on the concurrency of your application ie you will get locking.

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answered 21 Jan '14, 12:43

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Justin Willey
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