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I am using SQL Anywhere 16 and connecting to the same using jconn4.jar which is pure jdbc. I am exporting data using follow command


And want to import in same table of other schema. Using following query

INPUT INTO TABLE_NAME FROM 'D:\sales.csv' while I am executing the above query using java(jdbc) its giving following error Cause: java.sql.SQLException: SQL Anywhere Error -131: Syntax error near 'INPUT' on line 1

So can you please suggest solution so that i can import the same file using java rather than parsing/ reading csv file and then insering data row by row And same query is working fine on ineractive sql.

asked 22 Nov '13, 04:00

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To import data exported with the UNLOAD command you might want to use the LOAD TABLE statement. INPUT, like OUTPUT, is only available within Interactive SQL (aka ISQL).

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answered 22 Nov '13, 06:40

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Reimer Pods
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Thanks Reimer,

But When I tried to load the same data using


This use to execute for unlimited time and finally I have to stopped it, So its also not working for me.

So can you please suggest the solution for the same or how can i load the imported data using LOAD(mean exact query may be what am I doing is not correct.)

(25 Nov '13, 01:52) Rajeev

unload is supported in the jConnect driver. The error should be the statement itself. Please use : UNLOAD SELECT * FROM TABLE_NAME TO 'D:\\sales.csv' or UNLOAD SELECT * FROM TABLE_NAME TO 'D:/sales.csv'

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answered 22 Nov '13, 23:16

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Xiong He
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The problem is with INPUT which is not a SQL statement... it is a command only recognized by the client application ISQL.

(24 Nov '13, 15:32) Breck Carter

Thanks. Unload and Load should work. But not INPUT and OUTPUT.

(24 Nov '13, 20:04) Xiong He

Yes UNLOAD is working fine with the jdbc. But I have tried to LOAD table too its execution for indefinite time. And I dont know why its not working.

(25 Nov '13, 01:55) Rajeev
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