SASetupAspNet.exe seems to be broken in Test Connection in the wizzard still works but when it starts to install the objects in the database it reports

"Syntax error near '→' on line 4".

The same tool from SQL Anywhere 12 works just fine. It installs a bunch of aspnet_* tables and procedures in the database.

That should be fixed in SA 16 but I have two questions now so that we can procede with our work:

  1. Is that what SASetupAspNet.exe does: installing the aspnet_* tables and procedures? Nothing else?

  2. Has there been a change of these objects between version 12 and 16? IOW, can I just copy the table structures and procedure definitions to a SA 16 database and use the SA 16 ASP.NET providers?



asked 21 Nov '13, 06:54

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Michael Fischer
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Mikel Rychliski

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reporting this problem. I can reproduce this easily and have opened CR #751588 to resolve the issue. The procedures and tables created by version 12 and 16 are identical.

permanent link

answered 21 Nov '13, 09:46

Mikel%20Rychliski's gravatar image

Mikel Rychliski
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edited 21 Nov '13, 17:24


thanks for the quick answer.

As always, thumbs up for the support!

(21 Nov '13, 09:50) Michael Fischer
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