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Are there ODBC drivers available for a Windows XP system, running MSAccess 2007, to connect to a SyBase SQL Anywhere 5.0 database? (files stored on the local PC)?

asked 20 Nov '13, 16:19

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Paul Johnson
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Thanks for the quick reply. A have a WinXP system that has a (old) running installation, and moving to a new Win7 system. Was looking for the minimum necessary to access the data through MSAccess. I was trying to avoid tracking down the origional client database application install that was origionally uset to set the system up years ago.

(20 Nov '13, 16:29) Paul Johnson
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You can avoid "tracking down" but you can't avoid having a full SQL Anywhere installation... see my reply.

(20 Nov '13, 16:31) Breck Carter

You can probably copy the installation from XP to Windows 7. Be aware that SQL Anywhere 5 is unstable on Windows 7, for some folks (me) more unstable than others.

(20 Nov '13, 16:33) Breck Carter

An alternative solution might be a VM with XP (aka Windows XP Mode) to host both the application and SA5. I've been using this feature supplied by Windows Virtual PC successfully, but of course other VM software like VMWare or VirtualBox would do the same.

(21 Nov '13, 03:40) Reimer Pods

The ODBC driver and related software shipped with SQL Anywhere 5 along with database engine, all of which you need to gain access to the database; an ODBC driver is not sufficient. All of this software must accompany the database file in a working installation... do you have any of it at all? (if you are missing one or two files, someone may be able to help)

FYI a working installation of SQL Anywhere versions 6 through 9 can provide immediate access to a SQL Anywhere 5 database. SQL Anywhere versions 10 through 16 can upgrade a SQL Anywhere 5 database file as well, before providing access to the upgraded database. Later versions are available in Developer Edition format; see links on this page.

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answered 20 Nov '13, 16:30

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Breck Carter
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