Anyione who asks 29 questions without earning a single reputation point should seek some other avenue of assistance. Allowing mfkpie8 to continue posting on this website is a waste of valuable time for everyone, mfkpie8 included.

asked 20 Nov '13, 10:19

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Breck Carter
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I'm not sure - I can still improve on my understanding of Yoda speak:)

(20 Nov '13, 10:36) Volker Barth

Seconded. I'm readily willing to share my insignificant knowledge as I see fit, but not without at least a proper intelligible question.

(20 Nov '13, 11:35) Reimer Pods

I guess the problem is evident - however, I hope someone might try Justin's suggestion from the other FAQ before, in case he's able to do so:

Maybe someone who can write Chinese (at Waterloo?) could post a polite note to mfkpie8 here to explain where he is going wrong in using the forum?

At least I still think the (mis-)use of the English language is the underlying problem...

I'd suggest that because this forum is well-known for its niceness, isn't it:)

(20 Nov '13, 11:41) Volker Barth
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I have been in contact over e-mail with this user. As far as I can tell, they are not posting maliciously. It is the language barrier that is the problem (the user is Chinese). I have forwarded the users information to some Chinese speaking people that can hopefully help him.
In my opinion, banning someone, for asking a question and trying to get help (however misguided) with SQL Anywhere in this forum is the wrong thing to do.
A polite "we don't understand your question" or simply ignoring the user would be a more appropriate response.

(22 Nov '13, 09:42) Jason Hinspe...

@Jason: I second that suggestion for the moment. And I don't think anyone here is assuming that this user has malicious intentions.

However, it is still a problem that many of our attempts to help and to ask for further information have not been successful - i.e. they have not made mfkpie8 to give the desired information. He has often re-posted but the new contents has not appeared to improve the question's background in most cases. And that surely has been disappointing for anyone involved...

Otherwise I would think we would have loved to vote the according questions up (and not down) - at least has what I would have done.

(22 Nov '13, 12:02) Volker Barth

Thank you for your advice to me First of all I was trying to improve my every question, but I found that I raise this issue I try to improve. I will try to express, but I still insist on landing day BBS, if it is because of my passion and banned me, then forum is public, and moreover I do not have malicious conduct post, while I have my interest in the idea of ​​finishing .

Sincere thanks to enthusiastic users forum replies

I will improve my these acts, but not malicious, I have learned the knowledge inside this forum Cong

I will learn my basic English

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answered 21 Nov '13, 10:25

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edited 21 Nov '13, 10:36


What is "BBS" - "Bachelor of Business Studies"?

(If so, that might explain the feeling of being invited to do your homework...)

As to your answer: I appreciate your intention but I don't feel able to understand your words (and Breck might add: "q.e.d.").

(21 Nov '13, 10:51) Volker Barth
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This is because the basis for my bad English. I am very sorry Homework? no no no I'm really new trainees understand ASA, but I believe there is an error that I can grow, thanks

(21 Nov '13, 10:56) mfkpie8

Hope is friendly to accept the thinking of some of my mistakes, and give your kind understanding, under this post please correct thank you. I in the enthusiasm of learning to this mentality, hope to make friends it's very late good night

(21 Nov '13, 11:09) mfkpie8
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