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I need to use which parameters option allows ASA database batch startup without having to write more
Dbeng10. Exe    demo2.Db demo - n demo12 - x tcpip - c 256 m
Dbeng10. Exe    demo1.Db DEMO12 -n DEMO12 - x tcpip - c 256 m
Dbeng10. Exe    demo2.Db DEMO12 -n DEMO12 - x tcpip - c 256 m
Dbeng10. Exe...
Consult how to batch start

thanks you

asked 17 Nov '13, 01:05

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I'm sorry, I just don't understand what you are asking - please tell us what you are trying to accomplish. e.g You are wanting to write more .... what?

(17 Nov '13, 03:24) Mark Culp

I want to to batch database automatically start

(18 Nov '13, 00:31) mfkpie8
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So you want to start one database engine (dbeng10) with several databases? If so, you can add several database files on one command line, such as

"%SQLANY10%\win32\dbeng10" -n MyServer demo1.db -n demo1 demo2.db -n demo2 demo3.db -n demo3 -o MyConsole.log -x tcpip ....

This will start one database engine (named "MyServer") and make it run three databases named demo1, demo2, demo3. (You would usually specify the database files's full path here...)

(Note, dbeng10 is a personal engine, so it would not allow for network connections from other machines. Use dbsrv10, if you need a network server...)

(18 Nov '13, 03:01) Volker Barth

YES that's all right ,I continue to consulting: their log files cannot be separated for storage? Need to merge? There is a problem how to deal with that if the database? These should be considered.

(18 Nov '13, 03:06) mfkpie8
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If you have one database engine running and use the -o parameter to write console log messages to a file, yes, then all messages from the database server go to one single console log.

(Note: I'm talking about the console log file - of course the separate databases do use their own transaction log files, demo1.log, demo2.log and the like.)

If you want to separate the databases completely, you can also have a separate database engine running for each database but that is usually not recommended - a shared engine can "balance" resources better.

(18 Nov '13, 03:14) Volker Barth
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