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We have a commercial application that was running pretty well in SQL Anywhere 8.03. We have been upgrading our customers to 11.01 and have found that several queries are running far slower on the new engine. I post a execution plan and databases option if we should be making some kind of change to the way we structure our queries that would allow us to recover at least the level of performance we enjoyed with 9.02. tha laura

ps I can not attach files!!!

asked 13 Nov '13, 15:24

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FWIW: You need to have a certainly amount of 'rep' points (100) in order to attach files. Since you are new to the forum you have the option of posting them someplace else (e.g. on Google drive or some other file sharing service) and the post the link to the files in your question.

(13 Nov '13, 17:27) Mark Culp

I HAVE SEEN THAT TAKING OTHER DATA BASE (VERSION ASA11) the same command is executed faster. plans_scarlino slow does not consider indexes and foreign keys. plans_agrusti instead takes into consideration correct indexes.

tha laura

(14 Nov '13, 06:15) lfusco
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Sorry, but you have not really posted the plans - just their file names. Could you please edit your post to include the URLs, too?

Just click on "edit", mark the according file name and click the link button, then supply the according URL.

(14 Nov '13, 06:31) Volker Barth

Hi Laura,

Would you be able to gather these plans with 'Detailed and node statistics'? These plans show the optimizer estimates only.

(14 Nov '13, 12:54) Mikel Rychliski

We have found that re-building statistics on relevant tables can sometimes help with unexpected slowdowns following re-builds.

(15 Nov '13, 07:08) Justin Willey
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Hi Laura, When you moved the database from 9.x to 11.x did you migrate the database, or did you create a new 11.x database and reload everything into it ? Many of the 11 features will not take effect until you create an 11.x database.


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answered 15 Nov '13, 13:55

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Upgrading to SA11 requires rebuilding the database, it won't run SA9 DB directly

(18 Nov '13, 03:59) Reimer Pods
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