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The following triggering event caused the result error, the implementation of the two data update

ALTER TRIGGER "tr_shipper_line_in" AFTER INSERT
    ORDER 2 ON "DBA"."shipper_line"
    referencing new as new_shipper_line
    FOR each row   

      update shipper_line set
        create_time = getdate(*) where
        shipper_line.trans_no = new_shipper_line.trans_no and
        shipper_line.line_no = new_shipper_line.line_no;
    update customer set customer.user_7=customer.user_7-(new_shipper_line.quantity*part.user_10) from shipper,shipper_line,customer,part where  shipper_line.trans_no = new_shipper_line.trans_no and
        shipper_line.line_no = new_shipper_line.line_no and  shipper_line.trans_no=shipper.trans_no and shipper.customer_id=customer.customer_id and shipper_line.part_id=part.part_id and part.product_code ='XQ'


asked 13 Nov '13, 11:58

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Change "update shipper_line ... ;" to "SET new_shipper_line.create_time = getdate();"

(13 Nov '13, 13:13) Breck Carter
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Also change "after insert" to "before insert" to be sure the modified data makes it into the new row.

(13 Nov '13, 14:05) Ron Emmert

thank you ROn emment !all right thanks Don't understand why, trigger the execution of the case is what circumstance

(14 Nov '13, 00:07) mfkpie8
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