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I know this is a question loaded with potential evangelism, but...

Next calendar year we will be upgrading our SQLAnywhere database (appx 60Gb, 50-75 concurrent users) from v10 to v12. Does anyone have any real-world experience showing is there is a performance advantage between 64-bit Linux & Windows?

asked 13 Nov '13, 10:23

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Mark Culp


This is not an answer to your question but... why are you moving to v12 instead of moving the latest release v16?

(13 Nov '13, 10:25) Mark Culp

If you do upgrade to Linux (or you decide to test the performance on Linux), be sure to upgrade to build or later. Performance on Linux is significantly better in these versions. (

(13 Nov '13, 10:33) Mikel Rychliski

@mark: We're driven by what version of SA our ERP application if validated to work with, and vendor is, well, not so johnny-on-the-spot to test out the latest versions (they just recently confirmed v11 to work).

@Mikel: We always do the latest EBF on install, and check for updates every quarter (sooner if an issue is identified)

(13 Nov '13, 13:23) BudDurland

Just as an information (you did not ask for this os) SQL Anywhere 12 also runs very nicely on OS X 10.8 compared to Windows Server 2008 R2. Robert

(18 Dec '13, 16:32) robert

We had a 60GB ASA 11 database running (replicated via dbremote) on both a windows and linux 64 system. In terms of performance we did not see a difference between the two systems. (Same Hardware!)

So I think it is safe to choose what platform meets the other criterias of your IT infrastructure.


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answered 14 Nov '13, 11:57

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Just the kinds of response I was hoping for, rooted in real-world experience. Thanks!

(19 Nov '13, 07:46) BudDurland

What Hardware do you have for a 60GB DB? How many users? We have sometime troubles with performance and i want to know what others do. Thanks.

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answered 20 Feb '14, 09:59

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Ours is running is a dual-Xeon VMWare 5.1 host. We allocated a good deal of RAM (12GB). The storage is to a Dell SAN over iSCSI, though I'm thinking of moving it to direct attached storage for performance, if I can settle the disaster recovery issue through mirroring. We support appx 50 simultaneous connections. However, a handful of those uses are using fairly data intensive queries.

(20 Feb '14, 10:19) BudDurland
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