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Since Breck isn't going to advertise this excellent resource I suppose someone else is going to have to do it :)

There is a great series of posts on Breck Carter's SQL Anywhere blog giving step-by-step instructions, with a lot of useful added commentary, about how to implement SQL Anywhere's High Availability (database mirroring) and Read-Only Scale Out facilities.

I suggest starting with this post.

asked 04 Nov '13, 09:37

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Justin Willey
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Yes, Breck is too shy in that respect...

In order to follow the Q/A-style, one might re-formulate that announcement as a "Where can I find further infos on ..." question:)

(05 Nov '13, 04:23) Volker Barth

BTW: I'm really missing SAP blog articles on topics like these - I have the impression that a few years ago, there was some nice blog activity from Jason, Eric and others to show what can be done with new product features (like the Wikipedia import and full text search, setting up a blog on SQLA, SVG export to build graphs and the like).

Not "pure tutorials" but hints to possible usage cases.

Today, Breck seems to be the one and only. (Thanks for keeping up, Breck!)

(05 Nov '13, 07:58) Volker Barth
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