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We have SQL AnyWhere 9 and I want to upgrade to SQL AnyWhere 16. Is there a document with instructions how to do the upgrade?

asked 02 Oct '13, 11:39

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See the documentation for the upgrade steps on various SQL Anywhere components:

Specifically, you will at least have to perform a database rebuild in order to bring the version 9 database file format into the version 10+ format:

Performing a backup of your database prior to performing an upgrade is recommended:

and finally, be sure to thoroughly test any database applications with the new database version prior to being deployed to production. Testing should include both functionality and performance testing.

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answered 02 Oct '13, 11:47

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Jeff Albion
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Thanks. [Gracias]

(02 Oct '13, 13:20) ClarenceACha...

specifically test any stored proc or procedurethat uses outerjoin to avoid unexpected and difficult to debug problems

(03 Oct '13, 17:52) gg99

off topic, Jeff, how do I get copy of the developer version of the sa 16? I went thru the process of filling the form, no response, sent email per forms and got bounced. called support, got the run around, even worse got cut of form some eager for quicl sale or large sale rep.

(03 Oct '13, 17:55) gg99
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Off topic

I'd suggest to ask that as a separate question:) (And no, I don't have the answer)

(04 Oct '13, 03:41) Volker Barth

I saw a prior webpage that referenced this can be done using DBUNLOAD. There was a potential glitch mentioned on that page -- SQLANYWHERE 9 I believe was named ASA9 and uses an ASTMP environment variable for the temp file path SQLAnywhere16 uses an SATMP environment variable for the temp file path. There was a note that dbunload might require both environment variables to create temp files for the conversion using DBUNLOAD. This process worked for me converting the ASA9 sample database.

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answered 05 Oct '13, 10:27

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